ATI106 SERIES, Swivel Set



  • Protected with plastic coating to prevent damage during shipment and storage.
  • Blended radius between cup and chamfer. No sharp edges, which coin or mar skin.
  • Machined in accordance with MIL-STD GGG-R-425.
  • Part number stamped designating rivet size and safety notice.
  • Highly polished cup, free of machine marks and ridges.
  • Manufactured from S2 high-grade shock-resistant steel.
  • Chamfered corners.

Beginning with a sound basic design, ATI rivet sets incorporate the ultimate in proper distribution of mass, with correct grain structure, made possible by the forging process of high-grade shock resistant tool steel. These factors along with correct heat-treating procedures eliminate breakage and provide for a structurally sound driven rivet.

Highly polished precision cups are held to exact tolerances, and shanks are accurately ground and chamfered. Identifying symbols stamped on all sets show rivet size, type, and tool number. Each tool is subjected to rigid testing, inspection, and as a final detail the working surface of each unit is coated with clear plastic to prevent damage during shipment.

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