ATI560 SERIES, Mina-Vacs

Efficient lightweight venturi type vacuum cleaners designed for use in confined areas. These will pick up ferrous and nonferrous metal chips or nuts, bolts, rivets, broken drills, grinder dust, sand, sawdust, and even water.

A variety of rigid or flex tubes are available. They have conventional vacuum cleaner bags with fast removal clips and built in chip deflectors to prevent damage to the bags.

The Mina-Vacs can be connected to any standard air outlet and are equipped with an ‘on’ and ‘off’ trigger button which can be locked in the ‘on’ position.

This miscellaneous section illustrates various tools which were designed to meet specific applications in the fabrication of modern aircraft. Constant refinement of original designs has resulted in a line of hand tools offering maximum efficiency and trouble-free use. This has been accomplished by ATI’s metallurgists, designers and field engineers, working with aircraft manufacturers to solve production problems.

Included in this group are strap duplicators, hand rivet squeezers, cable swaging equipment, plate nut drill jigs, chip chasers and deburring tools, and many other precision products which increase production and efficiency.

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