ATI484 SERIES, Pilots

This replaceable pilot has a .086 diameter shank with a flat to accommodate cutters with a set screw, and an undercut to allow head to seat on cutter edge.




.086 SHANK


Recognized throughout the industry as a leading producer of quality cutting tools, ATI Tools give the industry tools that are designed for high-rate production in the full range of metals used in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance.


The tools contained in this section are made of the finest tool steel and carbides. The cutters are carefully heat-treated, precision ground for correct cutting angles and proper clearance, then thoroughly checked to ensure accurate cutting without chatter. After final inspection, all tools are dipped in a protective plastic coating for shipment and storage.


A variety of microstop countersink units and accessories have been designed to present a versatile selection of tools for all working surfaces and areas.

ATI484-2 AT484-2 #40 .086
ATI484-12 AT484-12 #30 .086
ATI484-21 AT484-21 #21 .086
ATI484-31 AT484-31 #11 .086
ATI484-32 AT484-32 #10 .086
ATI484-56 AT484-56 3/32″ .086
ATI484-57 AT484-57 1/8″ .086
ATI484-59 AT484-59 5/32″ .086
ATI484-61 AT484-61 3/16″ .086
ATI484-63 AT484-63 7/32″ .086
ATI484-65 AT484-65 1/4″ .086

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