ATI338 SERIES, Angle Drills


Ruggedly constructed with extra heavy duty gears and bearings, and a drive shaft ratio, to spindle or chuck, of 1-1/2″ to 1″ to provide maximum tool life. Available in 1/4-28 female threaded spindle or a built in 1/4″ capacity three jawed chuck which can be operated by any standard hexagon allen wrench.


Research and practical application in restricted-area drilling have enabled ATI to design and manufacure the power transmission tools shown in this section. These units have been engineered to perform a multitude of close-quarter drilling operations at low-cost, with emphasis on durability and trouble-free service.


To guarantee excellent service, the precision-ground drive shafts and spindles are made of heat-treated tool steel, and revolve on ball and oilite-type bearings.


*Precision Gear-Drive for Minimum Backlash and Reduced Friction

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